How to use Xampp

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Xampp is a small bit of software that you can use for testing web pages that use PHP by creating a local sever on your machine.

Lets download and install Xampp first

Go to and click on XAMPP for Windows. Then click XAMPP under the download section and click on Installer that then send you Sourceforge and save the file.

Once it has finished downloading it's time to install. Chose your language, then follow the install guide that will walk you though the process.

Let install Apache

Now we have installed Xampp say yes to launch the control. Click on the red X next to Apache to install the service.

Now we have Apache installed let's use it.

To start using Xampp put your files in the htdocs folder in the C:/ directory under xampp folder. Once you have done that click the start button on the Xampp control panel.

How to use the server.

Now you have your website in the htdocs folder start you browser and type localhost/ followed by the file path. And that's it your PHP website should be working.

I put all my site's in a folder called mark so my url would be localhost/mark